Crime index devised by Campbell Marsh

Crime index devised by Campbell Marsh

The BOSS Forecourt Crime Index is a strategic marketing initiative giving help to UK fuel retailers so that they can tackle a £30 million problem that haunts the sector. 

The initiative was devised by Campbell Marsh to present BOSS as the leading authority in the campaign to reduce crime on British forecourts. It is now being published quarterly and securing powerful opinion-forming coverage.

Campbell Marsh worked alongside BOSS to analyse data from thousands of forecourt incidents that it had recorded as part of its Payment Watch activities since 2014. The start point for the BOSS Forecourt Crime Index was 100 in Q1 2015, and by regularly publishing results fuel retailers will now be able to benchmark their performance against quantified national averages.

By publishing the results of the BOSS Forecourt Crime Index regularly, BOSS is able to help all retailers monitor their own activities in the fight against forecourt crime.


Campbell Marsh provides a full communications and marketing service to demonstrate the strengths and achievements of the not-for-profit trade organisation. It gives stakeholders, who include retailers, police and oil companies, an insight into the challenges facing forecourt retailers.