Branding and Marketing for Housing Associations

Campbell Marsh has produced branding and marketing services for more than 45 housing associations and social housing landlords. Our activities embrace identity branding, design and production of digital content, tenant communications, community engagement, and website design. Our corporate activities have included mergers, business development and development marketing.

It’s never been easier for Housing Associations and all other social housing landlords to communicate with their residents. In addition to direct personal contact and printed leaflets, newsletters and magazines, easier access to the internet mean digital channels have a much greater role in how tenants and other stakeholders engage with their Housing Associations and social housing landlords.

Housing Associations operate in a very competitive market, with traditional social landlords competing for funding and development opportunities. But specifically, residents are at the very centre of the social housing ethos. Landlords who do not engage with tenants risk the consequences such as reduced customer service, loss of income, rent arrears, and poor occupancy. In effect effective branding, communications and marketing can make a real difference.

Branding for social landlords

Clearly thought-out branding and marketing tactics can demonstrate how social landlords deliver their services more effectively and efficiently than competitors, and in a way, that enhances the well-being of their residents, their organisation, and the communities they serve.

Housing Association marketing services

At Campbell Marsh Communications we bring detailed knowledge of the social housing environment and can operate as an extension to your own in-house team.

  • Creating brands
  • Press office services
  • Market research
  • Bid-writing and proposals
  • Website design, content production and management
  • Social Media
  • Magazines and brochures
  • Award entry research and writing
  • Protecting reputations when faced with a crisis

Knowing how social housing works has been gained by building brands and protecting firms in tricky situations. We’ve also reached out to create greater engagement for our clients, devising innovative campaigns that project fresh and dynamic images.

Added Value

In a crowded marketplace, our expertise and creativity have enabled our clients to project their unique voices, helping them to boost engagement, generate new opportunities and navigate the challenges of expanding and tightening markets.

And because of our huge experience, Campbell Marsh will add true value to any business.

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