Demand for creative content and digital marketing grows

Demand for creative content and digital marketing support is growing as firms look for a competitive edge to attract and retain their clients and customers.


Over time, small businesses lost their foothold over larger ones. For example, small shops struggled to compete with big brands, and small housebuilders were outgunned by national housing developers. However, digital marketing has allowed smaller agile businesses to position their niche services and outmanoeuvre bigger but sluggish competitors.  It’s safe to say that agile and innovative companies can compete and collaborate more easily than ever before thanks to digital options.

We are now seeing more than half of all business interactions take place through digital channels. Naturally, these interactions—and any accompanying marketing campaigns— will be loaded with information. Those with a creative sparkle will stand out from dull ones.

New brands that showcase a bit of personality while they’re marketing their products and services will have a solid foundation to build strong relationships. Successful firms will be thinking outside of traditional advertising methods and producing engaging content that is easy to share with colleagues, partners and clients. The bottom line: If you want your brand to stand out in 2023, you’ll need more creativity.

Since 2015, Google searches for digital marketing have increased by nearly 90%, so don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon. Doing business online is now the natural way of communicating with clients. While there is a place for tradition, more and more consumers of products and services want an instant response. Doing business safely, securely and effectively, online will be an essential ingredient in attracting and retaining clients.

Real-time messaging platforms are an area of growth that is becoming an increasingly important tool of digital marketing. As these platforms mature, they’ll offer more features that allow brands to capitalise on customer data. The best of these will be able to act as personalised customer data hubs for digital marketing initiatives and build stronger relationships with customers.

Finally, some random facts and figures from the Sunday Times last month. The paper revealed that journalists sleep the longest of any profession and, it will come as no surprise to discover, that coffee was the most mentioned food and drink item in 2022.

Roll on 2023.

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