Cannes Cannes Express – branding and graphic design

Campbell Marsh created a vibrant brand for the Cannes Cannes Express, a networking group for design and property professionals travelling to Cannes on the French Cote d’Azure.

The new look captured the historical essence of British travellers heading to the south of France during the 1920s on the famous Le Train Bleu. The unique and vibrant artwork adopted an Art Deco theme. It has given Cannes Cannes Express a professional edge and has been applied to its website, social channels and literature designs.

The brand theme has been applied in a tongue-in-cheek way to items that engage with Canne Cannes Express companions. Companions receive travel instructions and guides to travelling via train across the Channel and through the regions of France on route to Cannes.

Additional items have included a handy pocket etiquette guide to help travellers greet a companion, what makes appropriate conversation and how to behave at the table. DOWNLOAD A COPY HERE

Everything has been produced to capture the unique flavour of Cannes Cannes Express travel, which is different to normal travelling…!

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