Converting Visitors into Customers

Commercial businesses inevitably want to meet or exceed their sales targets to boost profitability. In the online environment, this is often accompanied by encouraging visitors to your website and social channels to respond to a call to action, whether this action generates traffic to your website, registers a delegate for an event, makes a purchase, or shares a piece of video content.

Make sure to include a careful explanation on your landing page about your products and services. Make it easy to view and find, such as a short information video.

Moving image content has gained importance as access to screens on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – has ballooned.  As the use of video has evolved, it has become an absolute essential for social media communication and marketing.

By producing short-form videos, you will make it easier for visitors to understand what is on offer, and your potential customers will be able to watch and learn more about your products and services. If you go down the video route you should, however, make sure your videos are appealing, relevant and to the point.

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