Innovative research can generate media interest

Innovative research that makes use of data generated by clients can be harnessed to create interest from media outlets. Journalists are naturally suspicious of flowery PR fluff, but when they receive factual news, based on real information, then there are opportunities to increase your exposure to a wider influential audience.

National and trade media regularly feature the Forecourt Crime Index as it is now considered the main authoritative source about trends in forecourt fuel crime. And during 2022 increasing incidents of unpaid fuel have thrown the spotlight on fuel crime.

The Index was devised by Campbell Marsh, for the British Oil Security Syndicate (BOSS), to provide regular newsworthy data and comments about rising levels of unpaid fuel. It is estimated that incidents of unpaid fuel now cost UK forecourt operators more than £100 million per annum.

Our team produce the Index quarterly and depending on market activity, we might produce interim updates. We liaise with analysts at BOSS and calculate the level of crime against a base level introduced in 2015. The initiative gains regular coverage and has featured in news reports with major broadcasters and leading news outlets including the Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Mail on Sunday, The Times, The New Statesman and the BBC Business News website.

The initiative has played a key part in raising the profile of BOSS and the sector, by using quantifiable data that is unique. It has also helped to strengthen the reputation of BOSS as an authoritative voice in its retail sector.

Hard news with real facts makes all the difference, thanks to our PR expertise.

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