Delegate safety – a vital component of event marketing

During August we’ve all had the opportunity to savour more engagement with real people at events of all types. However, when planning and experiencing live events, there are words of warning: “Covid cases at events are on the way up”.  So greater emphasis on delegate safety will be a vital component of an integrated event marketing campaign.


More than 4,000 Covid cases have been linked to Boardmasters, a music and surfing festival, with more cases expected to follow. About 50,000 people attended the festival in and around Newquay.  The resulting infections from this event – albeit not a business event – is a warning to anyone planning a large scale event.

Earlier this month the Government announced support for cancellation insurance due to Covid-19. This £750 million boost was intended to reinstate confidence for organisers to give the go ahead for live events to begin again. In-spite of this scheme, it doesn’t cover the need to suddenly reduce capacity, should social distancing rules become reinstated in the face of rising infections.

Looking at business events specifically, marketing campaigns will benefit from targeting audiences more specifically than ever before. Giving delegates and exhibitors the reassurance that organisers are putting rigorous procedures into practice is vital. It will also be an opportunity to demonstrate how face-to-face business generates business and is more crucial than ever before.

Organisers will do well to not just emphasis Covid-safe procedures but also advocate the new-normal way of doing business at an event and so build greater confidence. This will help to encourage safety conscious exhibitors and delegates back to the conference and exhibition floor and start doing some business.

Digital events hosted online have been fully embraced, but nothing compares to the value of a conversation face-to-face and building relationships in person…in a covid-safe environment.

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