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More than 80% of marketers say that video helps to increase website traffic and the time visitors spent on their sites.

Based in Leamington Spa, we have extensive experience of telling brand stories through creative video and animation. Improving awareness and understanding of brands in a fresh and engaging way to reach your target market.

Search engines and social channels definitely prefer video content more than words and favour video content over the written word. Just look at how Google treats video, and let’s not forget that almost everything that Google does, it does it to improve the experience of its end users and video is pretty popular, so video content gets favoured.

Breaking down video production into three core activities makes it easy for you to understand our process.

  1. Pre-production – Starting at the planning stage, we work with you to scope out a theme and visual treatment covering key messages, script, locations and participants
  2. Production – Taking the concept toward the reality of capturing film and video footage
  3. Post-production – Transforming the jig-saw of footage into a coherent story, adding music and any special effects.

We can create films and videos for campaigns, events, social media and websites.

Our video production projects are handled by our sister company at KYEO STUDIO.

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