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Video production is more important than ever. Creating a digital experience that will encourage your target audience to stop what they’re doing and pay attention, is a powerful opinion forming tool. Writing from Leamington Spa, Campbell Marsh Founder Adrian JG Marsh says, video conferencing and live streaming are now accepted forms of communicating to build and sustain relationships.

The most profound change of the Covid-19 months has been the accelerated way that the world of business and commerce and local communities have grasped new technology to replace old fashioned ways of communicating by adopting video conferencing and live streaming of events.

Many people are working from home for an extended period for the very first time, while for others remote working has been a common experience for some time. One immediate and obvious consequence has been the rapid adoption of digital technology to keep in touch and instil some normality in the new normal.


With offices working to reduced capacity and public venues either restricting access or remaining closed, time, money and energy is being saved on commuting and renting premises.

None of this would have been possible if video conferencing and live streaming did not exist. While the concept has been around for a long time it has seen a huge surge in use once lockdown took hold.

Many meeting and webinar packages, such as Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp and HouseParty, have become accepted platforms to keep in touch. Participation in Zoom meetings alone has exploded from 10 million daily meetings at the turn of the year to a mammoth 300 million a day in April.

What we now know is that among all age groups, online engagement is not the preserve of a digital generation and that there is a massive opportunity for apps to facilitate greater remote communication and engagement.

Attendance at a meeting is only a few clicks away and avoids travel by either bus, train or car. Many organisations, including the trade bodies CBI and BESA, have reached new audiences during the Covid-19 crisis and generated greater engagement with their core stakeholders.

Residents across the country have also been given the opportunity to witness local democracy at first hand from the comfort of their armchair as local government has gone online with virtual meetings.

Internally corporate leaders have been able to be seen as leaders and enter discussions with employees. It has helped some chief executive’s to appear more human, often forcing them to listen more, be more agile and make decisions faster – all of which is helping to improve efficiency.

Real time interaction ensures that organisation have the ability to take the pulse of their audience, free of the ranting so often experienced with some social media channel broadcasting where users can be hidden and remote.


Live streaming, webinars and virtual events now bring many benefits to organisations who want to increase engagement with their target audiences, build communities on social channels and raise the profile of their organisation by showcasing expertise and skills.

Users are four times more likely to watch live streams than recorded videos. Most of the time, live streaming video content is longer that pre-recorded video. It should be managed carefully to avoid falling into the trap of rambling boredom, which will lose your audience and potentially damage reputations.

The best thing about longer live broadcasts is that it gives time for viewers to join the live stream and, if it’s of value, viewers will return for more, allowing you to expand your online reach.

As with all social media content, value is subjective depending on whether the content is perceived as informative, insightful and different. Creating a package that suits your audience will encourage them to stop what they’re doing and get involved with what you’re doing, as you’re doing it.

Undoubtedly ‘live’ is a powerful opinion forming technique and now is definitely the time to take your next step and enter into the new normal of engagement with your first live online event. What may be daunting at first, with preplanning and proper preparation, will become a lot easier and more effective.

At Campbell Marsh we can advice and support clients with either live streaming, video production or engagement with your audience, and we’re experienced with many different platforms.

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